Turnaround Times & Shipping Information

Turn Around Time

Full Contour Zirconia Crowns & Bridges – 6 working days

Emax Crowns & Bridges – 7 working days

Models, Dies and Articulation Fabrication 2 working days

Diagnostic  Wax Up, Full Arch8 working days Direct post and core – 3 working days

Full Cast Yellow Gold Crowns and Yellow Gold Inlays & Onlays  8 working days

Pfm Singles –  8 working days

Pfm Bridgework 10 working days

Pfm Custom Implant Abutments and Implant Crowns & Bridgework10-12 working days

Alumina or Zirconia Crowns & Bridgework10 working days

Porcelain Laminates10 working days

Snap-It  Flipper Replacement, A and B Vita Shades10 working days, other shades, 14 days

Snap-On Smile Full Arch15 working days

Shipping Information

Local offices within a 5-10 mile radius, cases will be picked up or delivered  with our local courier service, or by me personally. Feel free to discuss any cases with me at time of pick up.Outside areas/Out of state, cases will be picked up or delivered by one of our other services.